General Info

Server link:mtasa:// (port 6667) #mini-missions
Accounts Registered:27,314
Total Bans:68
Total Kicks:8,216
Times Used Shop:6,937,700
Times Lotto Won:9,453
Total Cash:$58,112,247,128
Total Kills:50,319,232
Total Deaths:38,998,428
Total HeadShots:39,164,043


NameReasonBanned By
kervinski23high ping, sorry (Expires: Mon, May 1 2017, 3:26 am GMTCold
FV|Pro|Dreally high ping, sorry (Expires: Mon, May 1 2017, 3:26 am GMTCold
lucas20XDMulti accounts ( appeal your unban ) (Expires: Sun, May 7 2017, 2:23 pm GMT[MM]AHMED
*[Pro]Kingmassive flame/spam (Expires: Sun, May 7 2017, 12:44 pm GMT[MM]AHMED
N1.Dren65Scamming (Expires: NeverCold
marshmellomassive rule breaking (Expires: Sat, May 13 2017, 1:36 pm GMT[MM]__Kurt__
wwG|Arslan~requested (Expires: Fri, May 19 2017, 10:57 am GMTtushal
[STONE]Donaldads (Expires: Sun, May 14 2017, 10:02 pm GMT[MM]Dannyboi58
SpektraInsulting (check /plog) (Expires: Sun, April 30 2017, 9:01 am GMTTony47
Wanhedaslide bug (Expires: Fri, April 28 2017, 9:06 pm GMTCold
Ssummdayban evade (Ssumday) (Expires: Sat, May 6 2017, 1:16 pm GMT[MM].::JDGP::.
yioyBan Evading (lv380n) (Expires: Wed, May 3 2017, 7:44 am GMTTony47
#RedoX_)Ban Evading (Expires: NeverCold
Simple~Ban Evading (Expires: NeverCold
MelaLastroWeapon Hacks - Rocket Launcher HS (Expires: NeverSystem
OXXXYMIRONFlaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
[MM]Guest_19462Hacking / Cheating (Expires: NeverCold
SsumdayHacking / Cheating (Expires: NeverCold
testTeam Killing / Spawn Killing (Expires: NeverCold
DHARIUSBan Evading (Expires: NeverCold
DhariusBan Evading (Expires: NeverCold
[MM]Guest_21380Ban Evading (Expires: NeverCold
[MM]Hard~{C}ore.Flaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
fakBan Evade (Semih) (Expires: NeverTony47
codxBan evade(Codaz-Scamming VIP) (Expires: NeverMichelle
SavorHealth Hacks, appeal at (Expires: NeverSystem
420PsyluisFlaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
[MM]Guest_21576Using hacks. (Expires: NeverMichelle
KennyLogginsmajor rule breaker (Expires: NeverCold
Chloe<3Speed hack (Expires: NeverTony47
AbuJamal~ddosing the server (Expires: NeverTony47
Hunt3rban evade (Expires: Neveranwnymos14
Big_SmokeHacking / Cheating (Expires: NeverCold
RacistFlaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
ZafiroFlaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
_fredooo_Ban evade - BanID 5288 (Expires: Never[MM]AHMED
Trojan.pngWeapon Hacks - Rocket Launcher HS (Expires: NeverSystem
camasir (Herkada)ban evade(semih) (Expires: NeverANWNYMOS14
WorldWarlord (AkY|Aking)Ban Evade (Expires: NeverANWNYMOS14
___Scorpion___why are you even here spamming fag (Expires: Neveredward96
glowspam (Expires: NeverSystem
beIN_Health Hacks, appeal at (Expires: NeverSystem
AzouzzHealth Hacks, appeal at (Expires: NeverSystem
NK~SuPeHacking / Cheating (Expires: NeverCold
YautjaAdvertising (Expires: NeverCold
#A7bKBan Evading (Expires: NeverCold
Kaz|VoteBernieSandersFlaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
_CHOCHE_Flaming / Spaming (Expires: NeverCold
TamTamOpps! my finger slipped (Expires: NeverSystem
KurtzHacking / Cheating (Expires: NeverCold
KarimStill Banned :) (Expires: NeverSystem
^_n0_wStill Banned :) (Expires: NeverSystem
anamazen1Contact Stuart on IRC (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
anamazenContact Stuart on IRC (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
-||Anonymous||-account stealing noob (Expires: NeverCold
[MA] all my abuses and your supossed money hack, then i will unban you (Expires: NeverCold
AkyHacking / Cheating (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
Semih[MM]insults and pming other users lies about an admin "anwnymos racist" + Hacks / Bug Abuse (Expires: NeverCold
BrandelsuperHacking / Cheating (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
InterfaceAdvertising (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
MMinsult (Expires: Neveranwnymos14
DyLDDossing the server (Expires: Neveranwnymos14
_fredy_Multiple Rule Breaking (Expires: NeverCold
Codaz[ARG][no reason defined] (Expires: NeverSystem
Codaz[ARG]Scaming VIP (Expires: Never[MM]Stuart
[Top]m4c[no reason defined] (Expires: NeverSystem
#1RINGO_)Avoid ban (Karim) (Expires: NeverXxZniperxX
#BINGO_)ban evade(donzai) (Expires: Neveranwnymos14

Active Staff (total: 19)

NameNicknameAdmin LevelLast Active
_Piero__Piero_Admin 24/04/2017
Michelle[TeamDGers]Zartan~Admin 17/04/2017
tushalPublic_EnemyAdmin 27/04/2017
anwnymos14[MM]ANWNYMOS14Admin 26/04/2017
[MM].::JDGP::.[MM].::JDGP::.Admin 26/04/2017
WarlordWarlordAdmin 26/04/2017
[MM]Luke{ITA}LukeliciousAdmin 27/04/2017
[RvS]fran[MM]SuperStepAdmin 14/04/2017
[MM]__Kurt__VitalogyAdmin 23/04/2017
[MM]AHMED[MM]AHMEDAdmin 27/04/2017
ColdAriusAdmin 28/04/2017
[MM]Dannyboi58eurotrucksimulatorAdmin 26/04/2017
Tony47_ToNy_Admin 27/04/2017
Georges[MM]Georges.Mod 27/04/2017
amitjain1234Mr.unpredictableMod 28/04/2017
Rock_Star|~|Persibal-Sk8|~|Mod 28/04/2017
4stonTheStigMod 27/04/2017
[MM]DarkWhiZGoodmanMod 16/04/2017
DoflamingoMonkey:DMod 28/04/2017

Inactive Staff (total: 8)

NameNicknameAdmin LevelLast Active
[MM]Djlobo[MM]DjloboStaff 18/11/2013
[MM]Stuart[MM]StuartStaff 19/12/2016
justdoit+IronHide|ProAdmin 05/02/2017
[MM]Dexter[MM]DexterAdmin 26/11/2016
[MM]CruiseSeanAdmin 31/12/2016
Gold821GoldoAdmin 31/12/2016
edward96SalimAdmin 03/08/2016
mohammedin55MohaMMeDiN55~Mod 23/01/2017